Ronin – Revisit

It just occurred to me – thanks to an email just arrived – that I did a poor job explaining what happened between Nick Evangelista and the CFS. At first I was relieved, because I didn’t want to break into personal attacks and unwarranted accusations. Apart from what actually happened – the termination of a teacher relationship with about 50 students – we have no information. Nick simply didn’t explain himself to anybody. When Nick writes things like “I really do not wish to be associated with your group in any fashion” and “You do not teach or advocate anything I would I want to have my name attached to — even remotely” we have no idea why. He has not explained why he wishes no contact, he has not described nor identified what it is about our teaching that he doesn’t want his name attached to.

But you know what the irony is? He was the fencing teacher!!

From early 1999 to about 2002 or 2003 Nick Evangelista was the principle fencing teacher of the CFS.

Is it his fencing he has problems with?

Has he changed some of his ideas?

Or is this a personal attack on loyal students?

I suppose one has to respect the audacity to alienate oneself from over 50 students and friends – at least as potential buyers of your goods and services.

I apologize, therefore, for not having a clearer picture to present to you, dear readers. I can only speculate and driving down that avenue we arrive at unpleasant destinations.

For the record there is one link to Nick left on the Kabal Fencing website – listed with the other CF groups that I know or have worked with. I will respect Nick’s wishes and remove him from my list of Classical Fencing Teachers. After all, I don’t really know what he’s been teaching lately. I may not wish to associate with it.

Yours in confusion, etc. etc.