Fish, Fencing and Friends


Clean air, fabulous. Easy to breathe. Want to breathe.

Mountains over there, Pacific water here, wonderful trees. They swoop – branches falling and then – swoosh, back up at the tips.

So we found a sushi bar and it was motorized and it was good. We ate and ate and as my tower of plates achieved ever higher proportions my wallet sighed and I stopped. When the bill came I was disappointed at how much more I could have eaten.

Miracle of Miracles! Next night we were back at sushi bar! More eating – this time in haste. Survived a famine. Ate sushi.

Last night in Seattle – more fish. This time at Ray’s Boathouse. Salmon, Sablefish, crab cakes, asparagus, crispy calamari, Columbia Valley Riesling, variety of desserts. Some kind of view not apparent at night. Excellent staff superseded only by the food. Please go there and then assist me in finding my own expeditious return.

This fencing trip was good for these fishy reasons as well as actual fencing reasons. First, a blast to have Alexis onboard anytime anywhere – Merci, mon frere! Two, Maestri Martinez reminded me why I like fencing – I kind of fell back in love with it. Concur with Lenard that it was its own joy to watch Maestro R Martinez teach – specifically his duelling sabre class.

How could I have forgotten this stuff?

What or who was in my way?

Am I that burned out?

Train Harder.

Big thanks to the Maestri, Teresa, “Fergy”, Lenard and Elisabeth who helped watch the kids thereby making trip possible, and the entire CFS for pulling this on me.

Glad to be home.


Train Harder.