Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of some of the weapons we are currently using.  These are personal weapons that have been modified for their owners and will vary slightly with what other members may actually own. These are in use, so I apologize if they don’t look museum quality.


Italian Foil

fencing italian foil image

This foil has been customized to include a steel pommul and grip to add extra weight. I requested the steel grip as an experimental notion and Mr. Rockwell kindly obliged. The result, I think, is stunning. Therefore, this weapon is built with 3 of Mr. Rockwell’s pieces: false ricasso, grip and pommul.  The guard and gavigliano are as described for the practice smallsword on the main page (and below). The blade has been blued to an almost black.  It is one of Triplette’s T10X blades, heavier and stiffer than sport-forged blades.  The tip has been rebated with a chrome ball bearing (see below).

The image below is taken from the C.E. Solingen catalogue of 1926. You can see where our inspiration comes from. One difference in my reproduction is using the Crown guard rather than the disc. Two factors helped make my choice in favor of the former.

  1. Strength. the Crown guard is made of steel rather than the more prevalent aluminum. Other steel guard on the market are rolled so thin that they are no more substantial the aluminum guards.
  2. Personal aesthetics. I like the look.


French Foil I

french foil image

This weapon is fairly representative of the French foils at the CFS with Crown guard and a widened grip. This weapon has the Triplette T10X blade so it has an epee size pommul for extra weight. It has also been rebated with a chrome ball bearing. the blade has not been blued, but rather, polished to a high gloss.

We need a carpenter to make some nice, hard wood grips. That would be ideal. If you feel up to the challenge please contact me for design and material preference. Why do we need custom grips?

Again from the Solingen catalogue, the French foil has changed little over the years.



fencing sabre image

We don’t spend a lot of time with the sabre but when we do it looks like this.

This is a fairly standard sabre with the exception that the guard is steel and those can be hard to find these days. The blade is a S2000 style, triangular.  An extra large sabre pommul keeps the nice leather grip snug. No special treatments have been done to either the blade or guard, albeit a little buffing now and then to keep the oxidation away.

As seen below, there was an attempt a few years back to resurrect the Radeallian sabre form (with ring round grip).  While it was most striking it was unfortunately made with thin rolled steel and even when equipped with the s2000 style blade felt a little flimsy.  Continuing efforts may succeed.

And, Solingen…

rapiers display image