Fencing is a multidisciplinary activity.  We measure distance like geographers; we scrutinize force like physicists; like poets we compose verse; we preserve the Noble Art like curators.  Most important of all we study human character…”Man reveals his innermost nature in the assault. His character is clearly outlined here because the fencing movements are  instinctive answers and show clearly the thoughts and thought associations of the swordsman.” Maestro Barbasetti, 1905

Kabal Fencing is a resource studying fencing as a martial art and science. Focusing on the thrusting weapons, we remain unabashed amateurs of the duelling sabre and other ancient weapons. By now the well-worn cliché of  “fence as though they were sharp” has trickled into fencing rooms across the nation. At Kabal, we take it seriously. We use point d’arret and whenever  possible blades forged from the stiffest steel.